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December 14 2019

Miss Chinese Toronto 2019 Finalist - Serena Kwok

Through Instagram, I reached out to Juliette to get her insights on pageantry and her overall experience joining Miss Hong Kong. I wasn’t sure she was going to reply even but she did and was so open about the process. I was treading into unknown waters and was scared I had committed myself to a pageant I wasn't fully capable of. Juliette listened to my concerns and shared her honest thoughts, which definitely motivated me to push through with the pageant. From that point she took me under her wing and equipped me with the right mentality I needed to embody. Her expertise speaks volumes about how valuable of a coach she is. From fine-tuning my speech, smoothing out my catwalk and to singing tips, Juliette was always hands on during our training sessions. She strived to make herself available whenever I needed feedback – even to just chat about anything and everything. She truly treats each student as her friend and taps into what makes each of us unique.

I cannot express enough how much her support and guidance meant to me. It grounded me to have someone who knew the full pageantry process and could relieve the pressure I felt to be my best in front of a diverse audience. Juliette is extremely passionate about her work and is committed to achieving her goals and dreams. This drive is also imparted onto each person she meets – she is THE best cheerleader ever! If you’re curious about the industry or just want to get more information, make sure you get in touch with Juliette.

Glad to have participated in the pageant, learn so many new things and meet great people. Thank you Juliette for all your help and love!

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Instagram @serena.kwok

Serena Kwok

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Sep 6 2019

Miss Hong Kong Candidate - Pearl Lee

Juliette is a wonderful teacher. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about her work and my experience has been incredibly valuable and I have learned so much. From perfecting one’s stage presence and speech to learning the best angles, her guidance and expertise is impeccable. With Juliette, you are not only getting an expert of the industry but also a lasting mentor and friend that truly cares about your success, follows your future endeavours and is always there to push you. Without a doubt, I definitely recommend her to anyone that is interested in navigating the industry. Thank you Juliette!


Instagram @peaarlee

Pearl Lee

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October 4 2019

Personal Trainer & Bodybuilder - Preston Pereira

I had no background or experience in the modelling world. I did not know where to even start. Having a background in the corporate business world which typically includes sitting in front of a computer screen all day, standing in front of a camera for a photoshoot seemed immediately fear inducing and paralyzing as the thought. The unknowns of the modelling world are so intimidating when you do not have the guidance of someone who knows that realm intimately as Juliette does. Not only does her experience hold true to her accolades, she lives, breathes and embodies the true essence of the modelling professional.

She is relentless when it comes to your success and does it with the utmost patience and joy. Not only am I confident to stand in front of my camera, I was able to book my first commercial, director's short-list interview, multiple auditions and shoots with her expert guidance and support. She has gone over and above and her passion is contagious. As coach, teacher, mentor and practitioner of the profession she is simply the best. I cannot recommend Juliette Louie enough! She is a life changer and has added to my confidence, level of success in other areas of my life simply through the mindset, lessons and watching her work with the utmost care and diligence. The results speak for itself. The value she provides with this service is unparalleled and if you even have a thought about the modelling world, I highly vouch for Juliette Louie as the person you need to start that conversation with. Thank you Juliette Louie for your continued support of my modelling goals and allowing me the opportunity to learn from someone so driven by high-level success. It has been an absolute joy and honour working with you so far. Thank you again.

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Preston Pereira

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April 17 2019

Dennis Lee 

Thanks for all your help the other day. Turns out I can actually look stylish in my business headshots...all with your help, of course! I couldn't have done it without your style advice and help throughout the day. Hopefully I can get your input on what photos to go with too!

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Instagram @denbrulee

Dennis Lee

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September 9 2019

Miss San Francisco 2017 -Elisa Santos

Juliette is absolutely amazing, she really knows her stuff. Don’t let the young age fool you. She is treats all of her clients as if they are her own best friends. She would never give you any advise that she would not take on her own. She is a very hands on coach and is not afraid to tell it to you straight. She genuinely wants you to shine and be your best and produce the best work. She is not shy about being hands on in giving direction. All in all I highly recommend, you will not regret it and the proof is in her dedication in her work and top her clients.

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Instagram @sasaelisa512

Elisa Santos

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November 11 2019

Ishie Wang, International Runway Model & Founder of

Ishie Group Modeling School

I’ve been working with Juliette for a couple of years and I would say she is the most beautiful hearted, real, lovely, exquisite, kind, smart, divine girl that I have ever met in my life. Her dancing, modeling and coaching skills are phenomenal and greatly influenced and changed lots of other girls. She will tell you everything that she knows and very hands on coach. Anybody who wants to join pageant or anything related, I would like to say she is the best and only person to learn from!


Ishie Wang