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"Diving into anything new is scary. But I will be someone who’s on your court, guiding you &

giving you the tools to walk your own path. I will be your mentor & someone you can count on.

When it’s go time, you will know exactly what to do because you’ll be ready." - J

 Juliette is a talent coach, training new actors & models to give them practical tools and industry knowledge to build a career in the commercial, TV & Film industry. 

From working with kids to adults on how to find work, get represented and get booked, her clients will be able to self-manage & navigate the industry much more than they would have if they went straight to an agent (here's why).


Juliette is also represented by three agencies between Montreal & Toronto, and has worked for brands like Cineplex, Sportschek, Hyundai, Deloitte and many more. 

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