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"It's my first time doing gel nails, first time doing a facial -I never did this before [Miss Hong Kong] because to me it's something luxurious." [...] "Since the financial crisis, [...] I spent 1 year to work and save money so I can pay for my university tuition."

"Since going back to Canada, I had to learn how to cook and clean since I had to depend on myself. [...] it's not easy to find a job, save money and not spend. That's why my way of spending is on food because that is the most necessary thing!"

"I don't depend on my parents' money. But during these 2 months [competing in Miss Hong Kong], they have supported me because they know I may to try doing facials, buy nice clothing..."

"I also understand [how tabloids work] and won't take [the negative media news] personally. It's a business and if there is bad news, that's good news [for them] because there are more viewers! So, I'm not particularly sad or affected by the negativity."

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